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Melissa Eszes Schlosser reviewed Canton Karate
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Our daughter LOVES everything about coming to classes! She started last May, and hasn't looked back. Her confidence has grown so much, starting within weeks of starting! She loves how every week she is learning new skills, she loves the staff and she loves the challenges that they give them every week to work on. She looks forward to classes every week, and jumped at the opportunity to sign up for extra classes that would help her learn more. She went from being a complete gymnastics girl to everything karate. Her Christmas list was filled with rebreakable boards, pads, punching bags, t-shirts, room decorations and anything else she could think of to practice karate or that was karate! It's only been about 10 months, but you can't meet this girl and not know that she loves karate, and we have Canton Karate to thank for this! Overall, the staff at Canton Karate has changed our daughter in so many ways, but especially in her confidence! We're so glad we found them!

Steve Surmann reviewed Canton Karate
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The kids enjoy it, they learn to be more disciplined and behaved at the same time! Master Martin is exceptionally patient (I know because I get frustrated just watching it) and is a wonderful instructor. I am very happy with the way he mentors his pupils especially while he has his assistant instructors available to give one on one instruction to those that struggle. Having my children in his classes and seeing what they actually learn, accomplish and develop into is well worth the cost.

Jen Pepper reviewed Canton Karate
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Love this school :) they are very thoughtful and encouraging, yet are able to mix the right amount of fun into every class as well

Joshua Mankowski reviewed Canton Karate
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The Perfect Martial Arts School. Master Martin does a great job of combining all of the elements of martial arts into the curriculum, There is a mixture of history, discipline and practical application. The classes are also taught specifically for each age group to maximize the benefit of the kids and adults. What is being taught will resonate with a 3 or 4 year old (my son) or an adult(myself).

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It’s not only what you say, It’s also how you say it!

It’s not always about what we say, but it’s more about how you say it.
Communication is so important, whether dealing with a spouse, co-worker , family member and our children.
Keep in mind the saying , ” It’s not always about what we say, but it’s more about how you say it.”
The way you say something can easily decide how someone will respond to what you just said.
Make sure your message is getting across , by talking in a clear voice when communicating with your children or anyone for that matter. Also, be observant on how someone maybe perceiving your message.
You may think your child understood what you are asking of them, yet they may not totally understand, which in turn may cause them to shut down or not do what is exactly asked of them. Make sure to talk to a child on their level.
Your tone matters! Your tone of voice will set the mood for whatever you are trying to get across. Many people have trouble understanding this. Your Tone of voice when you are trying to communicate can easily evoke trust or intimidation by the way your voice sounds.
So a simple thing as , “Can you help me ?”,depending on your tone , could sound like a command, or angry frustration. If said in a calm tone, it could sound like a friendly way of asking for help.
When dealing with children it is best to talk in a calm clear way. Be firm but kind. You can also help teach your children to hear the different tones in peoples voices so they can understand how someone maybe feeling.
Research tells us that our emotions are more powerful then words. Your body language, like the tone in your voice can be a good indication how someone is feeling, and how you can make someone feel.
Keep these few things in mind when you are communicating with your children to help foster a good response.