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Melissa Eszes Schlosser reviewed Canton Karate
via Facebook

Our daughter LOVES everything about coming to classes! She started last May, and hasn't looked back. Her confidence has grown so much, starting within weeks of starting! She loves how every week she is learning new skills, she loves the staff and she loves the challenges that they give them every week to work on. She looks forward to classes every week, and jumped at the opportunity to sign up for extra classes that would help her learn more. She went from being a complete gymnastics girl to everything karate. Her Christmas list was filled with rebreakable boards, pads, punching bags, t-shirts, room decorations and anything else she could think of to practice karate or that was karate! It's only been about 10 months, but you can't meet this girl and not know that she loves karate, and we have Canton Karate to thank for this! Overall, the staff at Canton Karate has changed our daughter in so many ways, but especially in her confidence! We're so glad we found them!

Steve Surmann reviewed Canton Karate
via Facebook

The kids enjoy it, they learn to be more disciplined and behaved at the same time! Master Martin is exceptionally patient (I know because I get frustrated just watching it) and is a wonderful instructor. I am very happy with the way he mentors his pupils especially while he has his assistant instructors available to give one on one instruction to those that struggle. Having my children in his classes and seeing what they actually learn, accomplish and develop into is well worth the cost.

Jen Pepper reviewed Canton Karate
via Facebook

Love this school :) they are very thoughtful and encouraging, yet are able to mix the right amount of fun into every class as well

Joshua Mankowski reviewed Canton Karate
via Facebook

The Perfect Martial Arts School. Master Martin does a great job of combining all of the elements of martial arts into the curriculum, There is a mixture of history, discipline and practical application. The classes are also taught specifically for each age group to maximize the benefit of the kids and adults. What is being taught will resonate with a 3 or 4 year old (my son) or an adult(myself).

Susan Cook McCoon reviewed Canton Karate
via Facebook

My son goes here and loves it. Master Martin is great with the kids. They work on focus, concentration, self discipline, confidence and many more things kids need. My son is always excited to go and it's great to see the smile on his face. I see the improvement at home and in school since he has been going.

Diana M Riley-Woodward reviewed Canton Karate
via Facebook

Canton Karate has been amazing for our family! My two have been enrolled for 6 months now. They have always struggled with attention, focus, and self control and it was beginning to impact school. They LOVE Karate! They want to practice at home, and love going to class. and their performance in school has made a complete turnaround! For the first time my daughter's teacher this year says she is focused, attentive, and hard working!
Master Martin is patient but firm and disciplined. He treats each student differently in class. and that's a good thing! I don't know how but he seems to know what every student needs to personally challenge them. I find myself repeating Master Martin's words around the house and at work. They did love the Saturday forms/sparring class and we will miss that. But we are all excited to see what comes next!

Michelle Turmell reviewed Canton Karate
via Facebook

My son started Karate lessons at Canton Karate several months ago and we can't be happier with that decision! My son has gained so much confidence. On his first day, he was so nervous to step onto that mat. Master Martin and the rest of the staff were so patient and encouraging with him. He loves going now and has so much fun at each class. Master Martin and all the staff at Canton Karate are so encouraging, helpful and very accessible. I can't say enough good things! I highly recommend Canton Karate!

Michelle Brenner reviewed Canton Karate
via Facebook

Amazing place with AMAZING staff!! The way they work with kids is wonderful! You truly feel like family from the time you walk in the door. They offer so many different class options. My kids have learned so much already from their short time here. I'm amazed at the new skills and discipline they are learning. The confidence I'm seeing fostered in my children is great. Master Martin has an amazing way of dealing with the kids. It is usually in a way that corrects the problem without disrupting everyone else. Can't wait till my 4 year old is ready to start as well. Thank you Canton Karate!!

Pat O'Hara Dunbar reviewed Canton Karate
via Facebook

Canton Karate is a great place for kids to teach them how to respect others, self esteem, and how to treat bullies. I would recommend Canton Karate to all my friends. The staff is very pleasant and helpful. I'm glad that we are part of the Canton Karate family. My grandson has learned so much in just a short period of time of being here. He really looks forward on coming here and getting out of his shell. Thank you Canton Karate.

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Introducing the Internationally
Acclaimed Basic SKILLZ Program!

Five and six-year olds are the most enthusiastic
students. They love creativity and
problem solving, which makes them ideal
students in the Martial Arts.

The problem we discovered is they are so progressive in
following tasks, some teachers tend to treat
them like their older peers. This is a problem
because they still do not have the basic skills
necessary to keep up with children ages 7
and up.

The solution we found is to provide
them with their own program that targets
their stage of development in a manner that
adapts to their social and intellectual curiosity while at the same
time building skills that set them up for success.

With that said a structured program introducing basic skill-based training in
Martial Arts has proven to be very successful.

By understanding the stages of development of 5 and 6-year
olds, we were able to select 8 age-appropriate skills that make
up the Basic SKILLZ Program:

We cover one of the above skills per class (in order). During
each class we run a warm-up; deliver a mat chat about the skill;
run two or three skill-building drills; and then we have them
demonstrate the skill to earn their skill-stripe. They must earn all
8 skill-stripes in order to graduate to the next belt level. Once
they earn their next belt they will continue to run through all 8
skills earning their skill-stripes with more challenging curriculum
as they advance to each rank. They graduate to the Core SKILLZ
program after they have successfully completed all 9-belt ranks
of the Basic SKILLZ program


Here is an example of what a white belt must demonstrate for
each of the 8 skills above in order to earn their next belt:

1. FOCUS: Punching and kicking a pad that is thrown by an instructor
standing one-step away from their side. They must be able to punch,
and kick, a pad four times in a row in order to pass.

2. TEAMWORK: Holding a kicking target for their partner while their
partner does ten kicks. They must be loud while counting their partner’s
kicks and hold the target tightly in order to pass.

3. CONTROL: Stopping their body at attention position after running
forward when an instructor says, “stop.” They must be at attention in
less than three steps after the instructor says stop in order to pass.

4. MEMORY: Demonstrating the three stage 1 block’s and three stage 1
strikes from memory. They must show the proper chambers and ending
position for all of the moves in order to pass.

5. BALANCE: Executing five front kicks without putting their foot
down in between each rep. They must show full execution and retraction
while keeping their knee chambered at belt level or higher in
order to pass.

6. DISCIPLINE: Demonstrating how to properly sit, take a knee, kneel
on both knees, and stand at attention without moving. They must hold
each position for no less than five seconds.

7. FITNESS: Holding each static leg, arm, abdominal, and core exercise.
They must not lose technique or else they have to start over. They
must hold each exercise for no less than ten seconds in order to pass.

8. COORDINATION: Performing left and right punching combinations
on the mitts. They must hit the mitt with proper technique and also
with the proper hand five times in a row in order to pass.

As you can see, we take Martial Arts
training to a whole new level!

We use basic elements of traditional Martial
Arts curriculums to build skills that are
appropriate for 5 and 6-year olds. This
means that your child will learn and
grow at a pace that is not too easy,
nor too challenging.

The best part is the Basic SKILLZ program

will equip your child with skills that
they will utilize in every area of
their life!