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Melissa Eszes Schlosser reviewed Canton Karate
via Facebook

Our daughter LOVES everything about coming to classes! She started last May, and hasn't looked back. Her confidence has grown so much, starting within weeks of starting! She loves how every week she is learning new skills, she loves the staff and she loves the challenges that they give them every week to work on. She looks forward to classes every week, and jumped at the opportunity to sign up for extra classes that would help her learn more. She went from being a complete gymnastics girl to everything karate. Her Christmas list was filled with rebreakable boards, pads, punching bags, t-shirts, room decorations and anything else she could think of to practice karate or that was karate! It's only been about 10 months, but you can't meet this girl and not know that she loves karate, and we have Canton Karate to thank for this! Overall, the staff at Canton Karate has changed our daughter in so many ways, but especially in her confidence! We're so glad we found them!

Steve Surmann reviewed Canton Karate
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The kids enjoy it, they learn to be more disciplined and behaved at the same time! Master Martin is exceptionally patient (I know because I get frustrated just watching it) and is a wonderful instructor. I am very happy with the way he mentors his pupils especially while he has his assistant instructors available to give one on one instruction to those that struggle. Having my children in his classes and seeing what they actually learn, accomplish and develop into is well worth the cost.

Jen Pepper reviewed Canton Karate
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Love this school :) they are very thoughtful and encouraging, yet are able to mix the right amount of fun into every class as well

Joshua Mankowski reviewed Canton Karate
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The Perfect Martial Arts School. Master Martin does a great job of combining all of the elements of martial arts into the curriculum, There is a mixture of history, discipline and practical application. The classes are also taught specifically for each age group to maximize the benefit of the kids and adults. What is being taught will resonate with a 3 or 4 year old (my son) or an adult(myself).

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11 Online Shopping Secrets Your Friends Don’t Know!




Top 11 Online Shopping Secrets

Your Friends Don’t Know


1. Buy replacement items like Brita filters, Sonicare heads and phone chargers on Amazon.










Amazon has the best price possible on these types of items for two reasons. First, you can usually find generics that work just as well as the name brand. Second, you can Subscribe & Save to earn an additional 5% off.


2. Buy toys, printer paper and coffee from Jet.









Comparing Jet prices with Amazon prices, you might be surprised to hear that Jet often comes out as the winner. Toys, printer paper and coffee are a few examples of items you can get at significantly lower price points than what Amazon offers.

Baby Alive

HP Printer paper, 20 lb, 500-ct.

Folgers Medium Roast Ground Coffee, Classic, 48-oz.


3. Sign up for Paribus and get your money back when a price drops.








When you sign up for Paribus, you get to kick back and let them negotiate price adjustments for you when your items go on sale.

Paribus monitors 28 stores and will get your money back for free. In particular, Walmart, Target, Staples, Amazon, Nordstrom and Old Navy price drops may save you a pretty penny when you’re online shopping.

Try Paribus now.




4. Shop through Ibotta when you’re buying from Jet and get 10% back.

RetailMeNot doesn’t offer cash back on Jet purchases, and Ebates only offers 8% back (which typically is a great cash back amount from Ebates).

But it still can’t beat Ibotta’s 10% cash back offer on Jet purchases!




5. RetailMeNot generally has higher cash-back offers than Ebates.

I recently compared RetailMeNot’s cash back offers with Ebates and found an average of an 11.4% difference between the two cash-back sites, with RetailMeNot coming out on top. Here are a few of RetailMeNot’s current deals:

  • Old Navy — $5 off $25 purchase (that’s 20%), compared to 2% at Ebates.
  • Ralph Lauren — $5 off $25 (that’s 20%), compared to 2.5% at Ebates.
  • Lowe’s — $5 off $50 purchase (that’s 10%), compared to 1% at Ebates.
  • The North Face — $25 off $200 (that’s 10%), compared to 2.5% at Ebates.



6. Ebates has more variety and supports more stores than RetailMeNot.

For example, there aren’t any current cash back offers for Home Depot or Target (only Target optical) at RetailMeNot.

Meanwhile, you can shop through Ebates and get cash back on your discounted gift card purchase from Raise or Gift Card Granny!




7. You don’t have to shop in the store when you can get free shipping.

Many stores don’t have a minimum purchase requirement for free shipping, so there’s no reason to go in store to shop these retailers.

Here’s a sample list of stores that offer free in-store pickup:

  • Target
  • Walmart
  • Macy’s
  • Kohl’s
  • Dick’s Sporting Goods
  • Nordstrom
  • Petsmart
  • Best Buy
  • Home Depot
  • Lowe’s

. . . and more!



8. Use FillerItem.com to help you reach Amazon’s minimum free shipping amount.


If you’re not an Amazon Prime member, you have to meet a minimum $35 purchase threshold to get free shipping. FillerItem.com will help you spend the exact amount you need in order to reach that minimum.

So instead of adding something like a $10 book to your cart when you’re $2.46 short of $35, search for $2.46 items at FillerItem.com. It’s cheaper than paying for shipping, and you get something for your money.



9. Buy any beauty item from Macy’s online and get free shipping for your whole order.


Macy’s ships entire orders free if you add one beauty item — no matter how inexpensive — to your cart. This means you can add a $3.00 tube of Burt’s Bees lip balm in order to save the $10.95 that you’d spend on shipping.




10. Check CamelCamelCamel to be sure your Amazon item is a good deal.


CamelCamelCamel will show you a history of prices on your item so you can see if you’re buying it at a good price. Sometimes you can even see trends — like what times of year your item tends to be the cheapest — so you know what time of year to buy.




11. Add Honeyto your Chrome browser and find promo codes with zero effort.


Honey is super low effort. Once you add it to your search browser, it’ll search for codes every time you’re checking out.

It’s awesome when Honey finds a code, but your mileage may vary since there are many times when Honey strikes out.

We are excited about saving you some Money this holiday season, but more importantly saving you the headache of visiting stores to get the gifts you want.  

Thank you for your time!

Bill Martin

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